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Swimming Pool Repair
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Swimming pools are just as prone to age damage, wear and tear as anything. In some cases, this can be even more so due to the sheer volume of water they hold, the chemicals to treat the water and the pressure it exerts upon its container. Keeping your pool in proper, safe working order requires expert and experienced maintenance and repair services.

Surf N Turf Pro is the premiere Lee County swimming pool repair service, with almost two decades of experience and certification in all aspects of your swimming pool repair needs.

Surf N Turf Pro uses only the very highest quality materials, most advanced technology and up-to-date tools, methods and equipment to provide you with outstanding Lee County swimming pool repair services. Our experienced expert technicians will not only keep your pool looking like new, but will reduce your overall long-term costs from damage due to debris, mineral deposits, and deterioration.

Pool Repair

Pop-Offs and Concrete Deterioration

Natural stone, concrete and plaster are wonderful materials that can last a very long time, but eventually just as with any building material, they do deteriorate with age. As your pool gets older, you may begin to notice cracks, pitting, chipping and hollow spots.

These are colloquially referred to as “pop offs,” and when wear and tear becomes more severe, the gunite below the surface can become exposed. This can result to leaks as the waterproofing becomes compromised, and while it isn’t indicative of an immediate structural problem, it can grow worse if not addressed.

We use only the very best industrial-strength chemicals and materials that are 100% safe to maintain water clarity and cleanliness as well as perfect pH balance. Say goodbye to irritated, red eyes, and enjoy the clearest pool you’ve ever seen!

Since 2001, we have provided commercial cleaning services to HOAs, management companies, and other public facilities. You’ll get the best quality trusted service to keep your guests and residents happy, healthy and safe.

Every pool needs repair and upkeep for equipment on occasion, and we use the most current technology and equipment to provide reliable and secure repairs. Our services stand the test of time and save you on replacement and constant upkeep costs.

Maintaining Equipment

Vacuuming your pool and managing the chemical balance of the water isn’t enough. Your pool filter and pumping systems need regular updates, cleaning and maintenance as well. Not only do the debris collection buckets need to be empty, but the inner workings have to be checked and flushed of debris, mineral deposits and contaminants to keep them running strong.

Failing to keep your equipment up to specs means it can break down and malfunction, requiring expensive major repairs or even replacement long before you otherwise might. The right pool service company can maintain your equipment rather than charging you high fees for unnecessary replacements and repairs.

Surf N Turf Pro Pool Repair

At Surf N Turf Pro, we use only the very highest quality materials and advanced technology equipment to provide the best possible pool repair services. Our experienced specialists know how to detect cracks in your concrete pool that others might easily miss, and repair them efficiently and thoroughly.

We can also inspect and clear your equipment of debris, mineral and calcium deposits, iron buildups and other contaminants to make sure they continue to run like new. There’s no need to replace equipment prematurely if you can keep it running like new.

Staying on top of proper maintenance and repair can greatly extend the life of your swimming pool and save you a lot of money at the same time. If you’re in need of cleaning and repair services custom tailored to your needs, call on the NSPF-certified services through Surf N Turf Pro.

Pool Repair