Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

1. We’re Licensed, Insured and Experienced. When servicing accounts, our clients can rest assured that’s it’s being done by a qualified and committed technician.

2. We’ve taken the steps to bring you the best possible customer service, that many other companies haven’t.When making decisions in regards to choosing a swimming pool or landscaping      service, we feel our potential clients deserve to know that we strive to live up to the highest standards in the service industry.

3. Communication is a big part of our mission. Questions from our clients are emailed to us throughout the day. Our responses are quick. In addition, pertinent information (i.e. invoices, statements, or estimates) can be forwarded with the click of a button.

4. We leave a Maintenance Checklist after every visit to your pool. We do this because our customers like to know what we did and when we were there. This also informs you of your pool’s status and whether or not it is okay to swim in due to chemical treatments.

5. We use the same pool service technician each week. That way our personnel get a feel for how your pool operates normally and can make better decisions.

6. We keep your swimming pool or lawn on the same service day each week. If your service day is Wednesday, we service your pool on Wednesday or we call to work out a day that is most convenient for you.

7. We do not skip steps or cut corners while servicing your pool or spa. Our technicians are trained to work smart and efficiently. For example, we use the fastest manual pool vac available – this saves time and prevents unnecessary wear-and-tear on your pool pump and filter cartridge. Click here and see the Hammer-Head manual pool vac in action.

8. Certified pool operator: Individuals must be certified in order to service a commercial swimming pool. It is not required for residential swimming pools, however all of our technicians are Certified Pool and Spa Operators (CPO), to make them more knowledgeable. Also FNGLA certified professional landscaping technicians can help you enhance your landscaping or just keep it looking great year round.

9. We don’t have hidden charges, in fact I think we may have invented up front pricing for pool & landscaping service. We charge a flat rate for for both services which includes all of our best to offer.

10. We are family owned and operated. We care, and we will treat you and your pool and lawn like family.